It has been said of the Iliad that anyone who starts reading it as history will find that it is full of fiction but, equally, anyone who starts reading it as fiction will find that it is full of history.

Arnold Toynbee (via historical-nonfiction)

Let It Go

After I make five comments to a Facebook post, I turn off notifications. The idea is my inclination is to respond every time someone replies. I still would be responding to posts from years ago if the party on the other end did not stop first. If I do not see the notification icon light up, then I can stop checking.

Ideally, Facebook would have a feature to allow me to automatically do this.

Giving Yourself Away



Would you trade your fingerprints for a snickerdoodleAndrea DenHoed on Risa Puno’s “Terms of Use”: 

"The piece tapped into a question that has been in the atmosphere lately: What’s wrong with people? … Shouldn’t the ubiquity of the threat prompt an abundance of caution? Are people dumb or ignorant, or do they just not care?"

Photograph by Talisman Brolin

This seems like old news since we knew a decade ago people would give up their passwords for candy.